The ONE Thing That You Need To Do

The ONE Thing That You Need To Do

Have a business? Going to school? Want to become more effective at work? What to achieve your goals? There’s one thing that you need to do.

What is that one thing?

That is the very thing you need to figure out. And the book “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” authored by Gary Keller, will help you figure out what is your one thing.

Everyone’s one thing is different because we are all different. Things like what you are good at, aptitudes, passions, etc., all makeup what your one thing will be.

For instance, for me, I have natural leadership qualities. I also was brought up in a family of arborists. I also like to serve people and am passionate about it. So, what came to be, I opened up my own Oahu tree service company. My role in the company is to get new customers. And my one thing that I need to do that produces 80% of the most effective results from me is prospecting and implementing lead generation techniques.

The One Thing By Gary Keller

Within my one thing, I can then break it down even further to figure out what one thing I need to be focusing on to accomplish my goals efficiently.

“The One Thing” is a simple truth to get extraordinary results. I’m a testimony of that. Read it, figure out your one thing, and become a testimony yourself.

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