Feeling Fearful? Read…

Feeling Fearful?

What book to read to help conquer fear?

Fear is one of those emotions that we need to survive yet is an emotion that, over time, has paralyzed us from reaching our full potential as individuals and the human race collectively.

Fear will save you in a situation where you are in real danger. For instance, if you are walking sown the street at night at an unfamiliar area, the fear of someone attacking you will keep you aware for if it happens. If it does happen, the fear of getting robbed, attacked, or taken will automatically trigger your fight or flight reaction mechanism. This fear mechanism is built in us to aid in saving our lives from dire situations like this one. If it wasn’t for fear, we will always be caught off guard in these situations leaving us more vulnerable to become victims to harm or even losing one’s life. So fear is essential for our survival.

But, over the years, the emotion of fear has evolved into something that doesn’t just protect us and keep us alive. It has become an emotion that paralyzes us from doing anything that is beyond our comfort zones. In fact, it paralyzed me for a while before I took the leap in leaving my 9-5 job and starting my own tow truck company.

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