Resistance Can Propel Or Repel

Resistance Can Propel Or Repel

It’s easy to feel ambitious in wanting to strive for you goals, do what you love to do, create what you want to create, and succeed in your life. But it’s not that easy to obtain those goals. As it is said, “it’s easier said than done”.

Why is this? Why is this statement perhaps, a “natural law” of life? Why is it so hard to just dive in and knock out whatever you have to do and reach your goals through and through?

It’s because of something called¬†resistance. There are a few things that elicit resistance and achieving your goals is one of them. It’s a fact of life, anything worth striving for, you will always come across some kind of resistance. There’s no escaping it. It’s futile. Resistance is an enemy that you will battle everyday in your journeys of succeeding in reaching your goals. The key is learning how to beat resistance.

In order to beat resistance, you first must understand it and acquire the knowledge (power) to fight it and win. The perfect book for you to read about resistance is The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield.

A Book To Read When Feeling Stuck

The War Of Art poetically explains resistance, where it comes from, what causes it, and how to defeat it. It’s an easy read and it creatively humanizes¬†resistance and its allies (like how I’m doing in this blog post) to illustrate it for you so that you may understand it more easily enabling you to defeat resistance to get to your needs, wants, and desires in life.

This wasn’t shared in the book but I would like to share it with you anyway. One reason why resistance is an essential part to your journey in achieving success, it’s because you need resistance to get to success. Anything worth striving for needs resistance, otherwise the goals won’t mean anything to you and it wouldn’t have much importance to fight for it anyway.

Think about an airplane. In order for an airplane to take flight, it needs resistance from the air to propel the aircraft upward from the lift it creates under the wing. Without resistance, flight wouldn’t be possible.

So, if you want to fly, you need resistance. But, you need to understand it and how it works first in order to harness its power.

You’ll begin to understand resistance by reading the book The War Of Art.

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