About Captain LaFoote

Captain LaFoote is a fictitious character in a book that I wrote. That captain was a wise captain full of wisdom and knowledge. That is what I base this website after.

Reading has come to be a dying trait in this day and age. The generation of the late 21st century has become detached to a trait that is proven to be a very powerful and enlightening one. The trait of reading is gone. As time goes on, more and more the results of people not sticking their nose in books to seek knowledge is evident. People are lost in cyber space, wasting time and losing brain connections looking at basically nothing. Following each other, there’s not much leaders anymore, but only the blind leading the blind only to care about the newest fad, the viral videos, the latest celebrity gossip, people that don’t really matter to our own quality of life. Knowledge is power, no wonder there’s a sea of powerless people put there.

In result, more and more people are lost in life, led by depression, un-passionate work, and zombie-like lives.

That is why I created this unique website that aspires to inspire people to read. If  you are feeling a certain way, I’ll seek to prescribe a book for you to read that will benefit you. It’ll guide you to empowerment.

This website is not only a book review blog, but a prescription book blog. Follow my lead, and I’ll give you something to read…

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