The ONE Thing That You Need To Do

The ONE Thing That You Need To Do

Have a business? Going to school? Want to become more effective at work? What to achieve your goals? There’s one thing that you need to do.

What is that one thing?

That is the very thing you need to figure out. And the book “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” authored by Gary Keller, will help you figure out what is your one thing.

Everyone’s one thing is different because we are all different. Things like what you are good at, aptitudes, passions, etc., all makeup what your one thing will be.

For instance, for me, I have natural leadership qualities. I also was brought up in a family of arborists. I also like to serve people and am passionate about it. So, what came to be, I opened up my own Oahu tree service company.

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Resistance Can Propel Or Repel

Resistance Can Propel Or Repel

It’s easy to feel ambitious in wanting to strive for you goals, do what you love to do, create what you want to create, and succeed in your life. But it’s not that easy to obtain those goals. As it is said, “it’s easier said than done”.

Why is this? Why is this statement perhaps, a “natural law” of life? Why is it so hard to just dive in and knock out whatever you have to do and reach your goals through and through?

It’s because of something called resistance. There are a few things that elicit resistance and achieving your goals is one of them. It’s a fact of life, anything worth striving for, you will always come across some kind of resistance. There’s no escaping it. It’s futile. Resistance is an enemy that you will battle everyday in your journeys of succeeding in reaching your goals. The key is learning how to beat resistance.

In order to beat resistance

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Feeling Fearful? Read…

Feeling Fearful?

What book to read to help conquer fear?

Fear is one of those emotions that we need to survive yet is an emotion that, over time, has paralyzed us from reaching our full potential as individuals and the human race collectively.

Fear will save you in a situation where you are in real danger. For instance, if you are walking sown the street at night at an unfamiliar area, the fear of someone attacking you will keep you aware for if it happens. If it does happen, the fear of getting robbed, attacked, or taken will automatically trigger your fight or flight reaction mechanism. This fear mechanism is built in us to aid in saving our lives from dire situations like this one. If it wasn’t for fear, we will always be caught off guard in these situations leaving us more vulnerable to become victims to harm or even losing one’s life. So fear is essential for our survival.

But, over the years, the emotion of fear has evolved into something that doesn’t just protect us and keep us alive. It has become an emotion that paralyzes us from doing anything that is beyond our comfort zones. In fact, it paralyzed me for a while before I took the leap in leaving my 9-5 job and starting my own tow truck company.

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Feeling Lost? Read This Book…

Feeling Lost? Read This Book...

What book to read when you are feeling lost in life?

If you are feeling lost, don’t worry. Many people, perhaps majority of the people, out there have this feeling of feeling lost, frustrated, down, depressed, uncertain, etc. It’s because they don’t read! Or at least try to enlighten their minds someway, somehow.

But you are on the right track. You’re here aren’t you? Knowledge is potential power. The more you know, the more potential power you harness. And after you learn that you have the power to control your own life, are able to do anything, acquire anything, and achieve anything that you desire, the only time you will feel lost is when you don’t have access to GPS and are unfamiliar of the area you are at.

You see, in all reality, you determine your life. You have the complete power to. In fact, whatever you are going through right now, you have created it and brought it unto yourself. It’s the secret of all life. And it’s the book that I prescribe to you to read…

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Want To Become Rich?

Read This Book If You Want To Become Rich

What book to read if you want to become financially rich?

To the primitive root of life, money it not needed to live.

But in this day in society, money has become an essential part of life and living. We need it to trade for life’s needs, even for our wants and desires.

Varying by where you live, the amount of money that you need to cover for you, and your family’s, life’s essential needs is easy. You just get a job and trade your time working for someone or a company in exchange for money. It works for about 90-95% of the population out there and it lucrative for people to provide for their lifestyles. You’ll have a roof over your head by way of renting or paying for a mortgage, food on the table, and items for leisure enjoyment.

But if you want to become wealthy and rich, financially speaking, it’s a whole different ball game that you have to play by. Most people know the dream and desire of becoming rich, but they don’t know how to go about getting financially rich. It’s because there’s a different mindset that you will need to learn and follow in order to achieve the dream.

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– Captain La Foote

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